What does it mean to be an inclusive educator?

Evening all,

The world appears to be an unjust place for anyone with unique attributes. Whether it be the colour of their skin, the accent they speak with or their physical appearance. For children with learning and physical disabilities, the idea of integrating with society is something that is important to them and the way we see them as educators influences that process. The term “educator” is not solely reserved for those responsible for the facilitation of learning, I am literally talking about all who influence the learning and education process from both sides:

a) anybody who influences how the disadvantaged learner views the world

b) anybody who influences how the world views the disadvantaged learner

If you can relate to this then you are in the right place. Around here it’s all about challenging barriers and finding solutions rather than making do. Nobody asks to be born with learning or physical disabilities and therefore the responsibility of including them in what we do is a collective responsibility to educate.

Speaking from my own personal experience, the learner often knows they are different in some way which is absolutely fine, I think it is important that they understand and embrace this. But what needs to change is that the child should not feel that he or she is at a disadvantage as a result of their uniqueness.

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Everyone has a role to play in inclusion